Bob’s Story: A short film about Neptune Software bridging Business & IT

Watch this short video on how Neptune DXP helped Bob transform his HR processes!

This 4-minute short film tells the story of Bob. Bob is the HR Director at ABC Corporation and is facing a lot of challenges. His employees are demanding more digital support and less manual work, business demands are piling up, and IT is not delivering fast enough. Does this familiar?

The good thing is – Bob has an idea! Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app for all employees, where they can approve and perform tasks with one easy-to-use UX? But how to coordinate all the teams involved? How to integrate data from different systems? How much time, effort and money would be needed for such a complex project?

Watch Bob’s Story below to find out how he is transforming his IT team into a rapid innovation powerhouse…and was able to enjoy a well-deserved holiday.