Fact Sheet — New Zealand Defence Force mobilizes their inventory management

New Zealand Defence Force

New Zealand Defence Force mobilized their inventory management allowing them to process 1,000’s of items in 40-seconds

New Zealand Defence Force needed to update their inventory management process. They were faced with an inaccuracy of equipment counts and a process that could take up to three months to complete a single inventory check. They wanted to find a solution that would provide live information on inventory which would allow them to respond to events quickly. Eliminating the paper processes would make it easier to process data. They also needed a solution that would integrate with existing applications, support multiple versions, and could be used offline.

That is when the New Zealand Defence Force paired up with our partner ZAG to help bring their inventory management to the next level.

The outcome was astounding. They are now able to take an inventory process that took months and now process 1,000’s of items in 40-seconds. They have complete trust in the data being captured and the user adoption was quick. They have officially eliminated paper based processes and have an app capable of working offline with RFID scanning. It integrates back to their SAP ERP system and utilizes AWS for cloud authentication.

About the New Zealand Defence Force

The New Zealand Defence Force is charged with the defence of the nation, the security of its interests, and the protection of its fundamental values and institutions. New Zealand has a reputation as a good international citizen, and the NZDF is often responsible for maintaining and enhancing this status throughout the world.

The New Zealand Defence Force is working with our partner ZAG on their all of implementation project

Read more about how NZDF mobilized their inventory process revolutionizing the way they did business.


Key Takeaway:

  • Inventory count of 1,000’s of items in 40 seconds
  • Rapid user adoption
  • Offline capabilities

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