Develop the apps that drive business innovation. Faster. Easier.

And with any backend, any cloud, and any architecture.

Unify everything

The Planet 9 module in the Neptune DX Platform gives you the best of both worlds. A consistent, award-winning UX for your apps. And a drag-and-drop, low-code platform that simplifies your development, deployment, and management efforts.

You now have the freedom of choice and flexibility to innovate – whether you’re developing new functionality without a backend, building applications on existing backends, or merging the best functionality of multiple systems into one powerful app.

Do more. Do it faster and with less risk. Scale effortlessly. Look brilliant. That’s life on Neptune.

Simpler, faster development—with better results

No more fragmentation

Put an end to fragmented backend systems, user experiences, and developer processes.

Flexible architecture 

Integrate with any cloud, on-premises architecture, or backend system.


Develop and manage enterprise-grade applications and APIs, from anywhere, at any time.

An ever-growing app store

Download and share templates, apps, and APIs with our community to easily scale your efforts.

Award-winning UX

Easily create beautiful, proven app interfaces that make end users happy.

Apps in minutes

Accelerate development with low-code, drag-and-drop processes. Including creating complex solutions with custom integration into any environment.

End fragmentation

Provide a consistent user experience regardless of backend system and eliminate risks with a standardized development approach.

Flexible architecture

Leverage the power of a lightweight runtime that can run on any cloud or on-premises environment. Easily scale your efforts by leveraging the elasticity of Cloud Foundry, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Planet 9 Flexible Architecture
  • Lift and shift between on-premise and between any cloud.
  • An effective long-term strategy that allows you to optimize your computing costs to your business needs.
  • Be agile and pivot quickly as your strategy changes.

Leverage our community to accelerate and scale

The Planet 9 store lets you both contribute to and access a wealth of apps, API templates, themes, and more. You’ll find proven solutions faster and easier—and share yours with the community.

  • Extend and republish any API or application as needed.
  • Work with any existing API template or complete application available in the platform store.
  • Design themes and share them to a public or private community.
  • Connect to anything you need or leverage our low-code API and app-centric development tool.

Any cloud. Any API. Any backend.

We offer the only architecture that lets you decide the level of cloud in your IT strategy. Keep everything on-premises or take an ‘Any Cloud’ approach that gives you the freedom and flexibility to consume any REST API or oDATA services.

DXP Neptune-Architecure-Desktop

Put our award-winning UX to work for your end users

From desktop browsers to enterprise apps running on tablets and mobile phones, we help you build beautiful omni-channel experiences.

  • Includes an extensive UI library and components such as buttons, lists, tiles, and graphs
  • High performance, responsive UX—right out of the box
  • Hybrid framework allows you to build once and distribute to many
  • Customize the themes to fit your business requirements and UI strategy
Fiori ux solution feature

“Planet 9 has taken the risk out of Enterprise App Development. With Planet 9 we can rapidly develop enterprise apps for any data source and standardize the development environment for our developers, and the User Experience for our end users.”

– Consumer/Pharma/ Medical Device Enterprise

Enterprise and IoT apps in minutes

Whether you’re building an enterprise-grade app, a complex field service, or an IIoT solution, you can do it all quickly and simply. For example, easily leverage Blockchain Rest APIs such as LoopBack on top of Hyperledger to quickly create Blockchain apps for any vertical. Just watch:

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