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SAP Fiori apps made easy and managed easier with Neptune DX Platform


Easily create SAP Fiori apps
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Increase your bottom line while decreasing developer frustration

The Neptune DX Platform and its Planet 8 module (formerly known as Neptune UX Platform) is an SAP-certified application development platform for your enterprise that sits on top of your existing ABAP stack. No upgrades or external connectors needed!

It enables you to design, build, integrate, deploy and maintain SAP Fiori apps in a fraction of the time it takes with other platforms—accelerating the delivery of desktop, mobile and offline solutions.

Everything you need from a complete
app development platform

Speed up your enterprise app development

App accelerator

Low-code, drag-and-drop designer and management platform

Multi-device app compatibility

Ready on any device

iOS, Android, Windows

Build REST API services on SAP

Build REST API Services on SAP

Turn any ABAP code into a REST API without any manual coding

SAP certified apps

SAP certified

Backward compatible and future- proof on NetWeaver 7.0, S/4HANA, and SCP

Apps that can work with existing SAP process

No upgrades needed

Leverage your existing SAP process, setup, and hardware investment

Out-of-the-box offline app capability

Easily enable offline

Out-of-the-box offline capabilities available without additional system needs

SAP Fiori stateful apps

Stateful apps

Build SAP Fiori stateful and stateless applications

SAP ABAP coded apps

Leverage your APABers

Become and SAP Fiori developer in 3 days (or less).


Full lifecycle management made easy

Explore how Neptune Software DX Platform – Planet 8 is the only SAP Fiori and ABAP-based product that helps you at every stage throughout the SAP Fiori application development lifecycle (SDLC).


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Pre-built SAP Fiori app library - Neptune App Store

Neptune App Store

Explore a library of more than 100 pre-built, process-based Fiori apps. Use them as is or customize them.


Design your enterprise apps - Neptune Application Designer

Neptune Application Designer

Create applications 80% faster than with other tools with our low-code, drag-and-drop integrated development environment.

Browser-based enterprise app design - Neptune Web Designer

Neptune Web Designer

Start building apps even faster by leveraging instant edit and drag-and-drop functionality in the browser. Now you can build both front-end and back-end applications without the need for SAP GUI.


Manage & maintain

Manage your enterprise app development - Neptune Application Management

Neptune Application Management

Deploy and manage the apps you build. Configure authentication options, log on, and secure apps with existing SAP roles and authorizations, and customize end-user experiences in Neptune Launchpad.

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Neptune Application Monitor

Review analytics on end-user activity and application performance. Here, you can also manage your Neptune Software licenses.


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Deploy & run

Distribute your enterprise apps - Neptune Application Catalogue

Neptune Application Catalog

Distribute your apps in your own enterprise store.

Share your enterprise apps centrally - Neptune Launchpad

Neptune Launchpad

Share your custom developed Neptune apps or your existing SAP Fiori apps from one location. The Launchpad is accessible from multiple devices anytime, anywhere.


ABAP REST API based micro-services architecture on SAP System

Build and expose ABAP REST API based micro-services architecture on top of your current SAP System, valid from SAP Netweaver 7.01 up to the latest version of S/4HANA

App development with simple REST API configuration

Any ABAP class can be enhanced and make possible to configure a REST API without any additional coding

Stateful & Stateless REST API on top of SAP Netweaver stack

Stateful & Stateless REST API on top of SAP Netweaver stack is the modern and lightweight way to get the best of your SAP integrated with any system, application development tools and platforms.

No-code app development on microservices for SAP

ABAP REST API – The Modern and Unique No-Code Approach to Micro Services for SAP


Ready-to-roll apps that work online,
offline, from any device, anywhere

Leverage our library of more than 100 pre-designed,
process-based SAPUI5 apps to get business-critical applications
in the hands of end users faster.

Use our apps instantly or tailor them to address your
specific business requirements. They are platform agnostic,
optimized for the user experience, and built for immediate
web and mobile use. They can even be used offline,
so users can stay productive without being connected.

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Our SAP Fiori application development at a glance

Explore just some of the app best suited for your needs below, or click here for more details.

Simplify internal processes, improve time to market, and ensure compliance with strict industry regulations.

  • ADM finder
  • Order management
  • PO approval
  • Pricing

Simplify human capital workflows and processes.

  • Employee lookup
  • Payslip
  • Portal HR dashboards
  • Time recording
  • Travel expense and mileage reporting

Streamline operational processes to enhance customer service, shorten order cycle time, and boost sales and revenue.

  • Ordering/Purchasing
  • Goods receipt
  • Inventory
  • Picking
  • Reporting

Improve retail operations with mobile and offline capabilities that associates and managers can access when and where they need them.

  • Online and offline inventory
  • Real-time investor and stock inquires
  • Returns
  • Training
  • Reporting

Improve field worker efficiency, ensure regulation compliance, and enhance safety.

  • Service and work orders
  • Plant maintenance
  • Logistics
  • Sales and distribution
  • Warehouse management
  • Purchasing
  • Workflow

Boost revenue, accelerate decision making, and improve plant worker productivity with apps that are available offline and wherever workers go.

  • Service and work orders
  • Plant maintenance
  • Logistics
  • Sales and distribution
  • Warehouse management
  • Purchasing
  • Workflow

Improve usability of employee services and apps and ensure they are easily accessible.

  • HR apps
  • Workflow
  • BW reporting

Get real-time insight into activities within your facilities and accelerate the decision-making process.

  • Plant maintenance
  • Production planning
  • Warehouse management
  • Purchasing/sales