Fact Sheet — Melchers’ optimize sales process to enable smooth communication


Melchers creates over 100 applications to optimize the sales process and enable smooth communication.

Melchers wanted to find a way to optimize their entire sales process. They needed to find a way to simplify communication between suppliers, warehouse staff, and their sales team. In the process of modernizing their processes, they wanted the provision of all relevant data from SAP available at their Point of Sales (POS) systems. They were also relying on a VPN connection to get information to and from China which they wanted to eliminate.

After some research, Melchers decided to work with Neptune Software which would allow them to achieve what they set to while utilizing in-house ABAP knowledge and a small consulting team.

When all said and done, Melchers were able to create over 100 applications that are highly integrated with their SAP SD and MM systems and were created using Neptune UI5. These applications are available via the browser on laptops, and also on tablets and smartphones. They eliminated the VPN to China and now enjoy a high-performance connection to all of their Asian locations. Contact management, product catalog, inventory, and supplier management are also now easily accessible and visually appealing for users. Overall, Melchers have been enjoying the Neptune DX Platform for over three years and look forward to continuing their digital journey with Neptune Software.

About Melchers

Melchers is a globally operating company with a broad portfolio of services and trading expertise in a wide range of business areas. Melcher’s company supports them in opening new markets and has particularly specialized in Asia.

Learn more about their story in this case study and explore how they empowered their own IT team and reached cross-departmental synergy with Nepton Software.


Key Takeaway:

  • More than 100 apps live
  • Deep integration with SAP SD and MM
  • Optimized sales process

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