Fact Sheet — Jollyroom increase inbound efficiency by 195%


Jollyroom increased inbound efficiency by 195% and reduced training time by 97%.

Jollyroom is the fastest growing company in e-commerce in Europe. With that much growth that quickly you need processes that work and drive efficiency. That is why they set out to reform and digitize their warehouse management processes. Being in retail, Jollyroom has a lot of seasonal workers and they needed to find an easy-to-use application for people to be trained on quickly allowing them to start being productive right away. They wanted their new processes to also improve the speed at which they could fulfill orders and remove the paper-based processes that slowed them down. They also wanted to save time and remove fields and processes that were not relevant.

This is when Jollyroom discovered Neptune Software and knew that the Neptune DX Platform was exactly the solution they were looking for to meet their goals.

Jollyroom utilized the Neptune DX Platform to fulfill more orders, train staff quickly, and improve their user experience. The apps that Jollyroom created increased inbound efficiency by 195%. They increased the number of orders they could take and fulfill and they reduced training time for new staff by 97%. The new improved user experience reduced the amount of screens needed from 10 down to 3 and they now have a completely digitized process for orders, cashflow, picking, and order fulfillment. The applications can be used on any device and integrate with their SAP backend seamlessly. Overall Jollyroom accomplished their goal and set themselves up to continue to grow quickly in the e-commerce space successfully.

About Jollyroom

Jollyroom was established in 2010 and is the Nordic region’s leading online and baby store. They are one of the fastest growing companies in e-commerce in Europe and currently serve more than 1,600,000 customers. They sell everything for children between 0 and 12 years, as well as a comprehensive range for pregnant women. A wide range, an accessible online store, fast deliveries, and knowledgeable customer service are the cornerstones that make Jollyroom the obvious choice in the everyday life of a family with children.

Watch their story and learn more about how they increased inbound efficiencies by 195% and are making SAP Warehouse Management look easy.


Key Takeaway:

  • Increased efficiency by 195%
  • Reduced new staff training by 97%
  • Reduced amount of screens needed from 10 down to 3

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