Fact Sheet — Infraserv Höchst improves safety with hand-free work environment

Infraserv Höchst

Infraserv Höchst optimized its inspection process by integrating Smart glasses creating improved safety.

Infraserv Höchst needed to find a way to save time during their inspection processes but make the process safer at the same time. The way they wanted to do this – integrate wearables into their Plant Maintenance processes. The issues they were facing – these new processes needed to be used across ten different devices, they must integrate with their existing applications, and they needed to work offline.

Infraserv Höchst decided to partner with mindsquare and Fink IT Solutions to implement the Neptune DX Platform and accomplish all of these goals to create a new Plant Maintenance process that improved their existing Fiori applications for desktop and mobile devices.

In the end, Infraserv Höchst built 25 different applications. These applications did in fact integrate with the needed existing apps, had offline capabilities, and were not only able to be used on 10 different devices but also integrated with Smart glasses which helped Infraserv Höchst realize a hands-free working environment. This not only optimized the inspection process but also greatly improved safety during the process. These applications can even identify equipment via QR code scanners. In the end, Infraserv Höchst was able to revamp their Plant Maintenance processes with apps employees love and keep them safe.

About Infraserv Höchst

Infraserv HoechstInfraserv Höchst, based in Frankfurt, is the leading partner for chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the development of research and production sites. They offer individual, modular solutions as well as innovative, integrated service bundles up to complete site operation. Their fields of activity include the supply of energy, disposal services, the operation of networks, location services, occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection and facility management.

Infraserv Höchst worked with our German-speaking partner mindsquare on this project and continues to work with Fink IT Solutions on their other development and implementation projects.

Watch their story from our Neptune IMPACT Festival and learn how they created a “hands-free” work environment in three months using voice-controlled rugged glasses.


Key Takeaway:

  • Offline capabilities
  • Hands-free work environment
  • Optimized inspection processes

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