Better service, faster.

Today’s retail companies need to deliver unparalleled service and goods, quickly. Gain a competitive advantage with a modern mobile UX that’s easy to build and boosts employee productivity and satisfaction.

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“Neptune Software has become our go-to SAP mobile delivery development tool”

Ricardo Van Wamel, Application Manager


Retail solutions

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Neptune DX Platform makes it easy for you to improve your operations, and give managers and associates easy online and offline system access whenever and wherever they need.

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Read our Whitepaper on how IT can do Omnichannel Innovation successfully.

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Retail use case examples

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Retail use case examples

Simplify your  workflows and processes with applications such as:

  • Online and offline inventory
  • Real-time investor and stock inquires
  • Training
  • Reporting


Retail resources

Explore relevant material and better understand how to succeed in your app projects, whether it is on desktop, mobile or offline.