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HRC Software Partner Solution

HRC Software Partner Solution provides ready to use Web and Mobile applications for Spare Parts, Warehouse, Maintenance and Procurement business.

CHALLENGE: Provide real-time solutions that offer the best traceability 

Until very recently, field workers could not benefit from all the innovations that information workers have enjoyed for years. Instead, field workers were dealing with double input processes and frequent round trips to a (shared) desktop computer where input quality, productivity, traceability and, in the long run, both collaborator and management satisfaction were suffering.

Yet, logistics, maintenance, and procurement processes are fundamental to running other business processes such as production seamlessly.

Companies needed to find a way to offer a real-time solution, fully SAP-integrated, easy to use, and highly efficient to cover all business needs. However, finding a solution that also offers user-friendly applications to guarantee users adoption is always a challenge – that is where HRC Software Partner Solution comes in!

SOLUTION: HRC Software Partner Solution creates ready-to-use applications built from best practices and end-user feedback

HRC Software provides ready-to-use applications to cover Supply Chain, Maintenance and Procurements business processes.

Their suite of web and mobile applications, built on and powered by Neptune DXP, have been designed and built by focusing on end-users and continue to evolve in an industrial context. Hence, the applications are optimized for industrial devices (PDA and tablet), meaning devices capabilities (offline, APN, GPS, NFC, vibration, etc.) are leveraged to their full extent.

HRC Software strongly believes that real-time, easy-to-use, SAP-integrated solutions are essential to engage end-users and provide the best response to business needs.

RESULTS: Augmented SAP solutions, mobile application deployed in weeks, and users fully engaged

Anyone can install the HRC Software suite of applications within 24 hours without additional infrastructure cost. End-users can also master the whole suite of applications within a few hours and move on to focus on what’s most important – their mission-critical activities.

“Our job is to offer our customers solutions to cover their supply chain and maintenance processes. We have therefore developed ergonomic, high-performance, plug and play applications on SAP, installable in 24 hours and without additional infrastructure costs. This will allow our customers to benefit from this added value as quickly as possible,” explains Cyril Vernet, Partner HRC Software.

Customers can harness the full value of these real-time, SAP-integrated solutions in days!

What are customers saying?

“We are actively participating in efforts to relocate the industry to France, and to remain competitive, we must modernize: HRC Software’s mobility program met our ambitions. We are now able to trace products in real time while removing unnecessary and time-consuming intermediate steps,” states Alexandre Gultzgoff, CIO at Seqens

“With more than 23,000 items of equipment to manage and 10,000 items in stock, spread over 5 stores, these mobile applications were eagerly awaited. The HRC Software team have designed and developed applications capable of optimizing the daily lives of our field operators in order to facilitate data transmission, reduce the risk of errors and save time on tasks previously managed manually,” explains Marianne Maurice, Operational Effectiveness Leader at Seqens

About HRC Software:

HRC Software is an HRC Group company dedicated to desktop, and mobile solution software publishing focused on SAP industrial context. Our will is to offer the best solution to customers to harness the full value of SAP. From install to use, simplicity is key. Our motto? “Keep it simple!” to facilitate change and users membership. Learn more at

HRC Software Partner Solution Key Takeaways:

  • Large business coverage (Spare Parts, Warehouse, Maintenance, Procurement)
  • Mobile applications certified by Zebra
  • End-to-end approach (architecture, devices recommendations, connectivity, mobile devices management, etc.)
  • End users centric
  • ECC6 & S/4 ready
  • Installation of apps in 24 hours

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