How to distribute mobile applications in your organization

Your company has developed a mobile application, how would you distribute it to your organization?

In this example, ISS has developed a pilot application for 60 managers approving leave and travel requests from their handheld. ISS chose the following process for distributing the app to its user’s smartphones (Android and iOS devices).
1. To access the download page ISS has chosen 2 ways:
A link to the download page sent to the handheld device through email or SMS redirecting to the application download site.
QR code and link posted on company Intranet

2. From the download page the user can choose their operating system (Android or iOS)
3. The user clicks on the right operating system suitable for their handheld device (Android or iOS)
4. Click install
5. The app is downloaded and installed on the device
6. Log in to the app with your SAP user id and SAP password

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