Fact Sheet — Fressnapf replaces paper catalog with online and mobile option


Fressnapf replaces paper catalogs for ordering goods and replaced them with online and mobile versions.

Fressnapf is the largest specialist retail chain for pet food and accessories in Europe. However, they were bogged down with a paper only catalog of goods for ordering. This created slow and inaccurate data entry and a delay in being able to review incoming orders. They wanted to take their ordering of goods to the next level – they wanted to digitize it. Being able to create a digital catalog of goods would result in faster order entry, a real-time view of incoming orders, and the ability to identify goods that weren’t being ordered often. It would also improve how their franchise partners perceived them.

Fressnapf turned to our partner QSC AG for their help in identifying the best way to digitize their catalog. That is when QSC AG introduced them to Neptune Software.

After three short months, Fressnapf got their wish – they now had a new online catalog available via desktop or mobile. This new catalog seamlessly integrates with their existing SAP SD and MM systems and provides them with a clean UI5 run online browser. The new solution allows them to synchronize orders for multiple markets, show product images, a comfortable view of ordered packages and displays order statuses. It even allows customers to flag their favorite products. The solution delivered not only gave them a more professional look towards franchise partners but gave them a new look customers love.

About Fressnapf

FressnapfThe Fressnapf group is the market leader in pet demand in Europe. The company was founded in 1990 by owner Torsten Toeller in Erkelenz (NRW). Today, the company group includes more than 1,500 specialist markets in eleven European countries (mostly under the name Maxi Zoo). Modern markets, competent advice, attractive prices, diverse service offerings and an online shop make the Fressnapf group more and more a cross-channel retailer. The enterprise group has an annual turnover of almost two billion euros. Their mission: We do everything we can to make human and animal coexistence easier, better and happier.

Fressnapf works with our partner QSC AG on their development and implementation projects.


Key Takeaway:

  • Digital good catalog
  • Integration with SAP SD and MM
  • Project duration of 3 months

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