Fact Sheet — Electricidade dos Acores guarantees data accuracy with new apps

Electricidade dos Açores (EDA) responds to complex day-to-day operational processes with new set of apps.

Electricidades dos Açores (EDA) works in a highly regulated sector that makes day-to-day operational processes very complex. Due to this, they had a lot of Excel-based documentation for inspection results, sometimes with a lack of accuracy of data. They knew it was time to mobilize their processes and take the complexity out of it. EDA set out to find a solution that would replace the Excel-based work and decrease the amount of information being inserted which in turn would eliminate error. They wanted to create agile applications that run on appropriate equipment and automatically transferred captured data to their SAP backend. They also wanted to be able to improve the dispersion of its teams on the ground over several islands in the process.

EDA decided the best way to accomplish their mobility goals was to work with Zebra Technologies who introduced them to Neptune Software.

Over the course of the next seven months, EDA created a series of hybrid Fiori-Apps for Windows and mobile devices with signature function. They released their new applications to over 590 users over SAP MM and PM. These applications increased the efficiency of teams by reducing the time needed to perform tasks, reduced data entry errors and almost completely eliminated paper-based work. These applications also integrate with native hardware such as cameras, barcode scanners, and allows for capturing signatures. Overall, EDA accomplished taking the complexity out of their day-to-day operational processes improving the accuracy of information and the speed of their response.

About Electricidade dos Açores (EDA)

EDA ElectricityElectricidades dos Açores has a focus on the production, acquisition, transport, distribution and sale of electricity, as well as the provision of other ancillary services, complementary or related to those activities.

Electricidade dos Açores works with our partner Zebra Technologies on their development and implementation projects.

Read more about their story and learn how they worked with Neptune Software to meet their aggressive mobility goals and tackle their business obstacles.


Key Takeaway:

  • Guaranteed accuracy of information
  • Increased efficiency of teams
  • Integration of native hardware functionality such as camera, barcode scanner, etc.

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