Fact Sheet — Direktoratet for Økonomistyring rolls out new travel system in 4 months

Direktoratet for Økonomistyring

Direktoratet for Økonomistyring rolls out new travel expense system for over 80,000 users in four months.

Direktoratet for Økonomistyring needed a better way to allow individuals to track travel expenses. At the time, they had a very complex SAP login process and they wanted to provide internal and external teams with a new mobile experience. They wanted to deliver a better user experience but they wanted to do so without additional hardware or significant costs. The solution they were looking for however had to work for multiple different governmental agencies so it needed to be extremely flexible.

That is when Direktoratet for Økonomistyring discovered our partner Bouvet who introduced them to the Neptune DX Platform. After looking into this further, Direktoratet for Økonomistyring knew this was the perfect fit to achieve their goals.

Over the next four months, Direktoratet for Økonomistyring created an all-new travel expense system for over 80,000 users. Using SAP ECC this new desktop and mobile solution involved no additional hardware to get it off the ground. Users now save 50-80% in time compared to the old method of logging expenses and they love the user experience. Because the Neptune DX Platform is extremely flexible, the system can be changed easily to meet new requirements as they come up.

About Direktoratet for Økonomistyring

The Directorate for Public Administration and Financial Management (DFØ) is the state’s expert body within state management and performs administrative tasks for all state enterprises. They contribute to the efficient use of resources in the state through competence measures, advice, and the development of methods and tools. DFØ provides payroll and accounting services to 80 percent of government enterprises and is responsible for the central government accounts and the central government group account scheme. There are about 410 employees in DFØ, spread over three office locations: Oslo, Stavanger, and Trondheim.

Direktoratet for Økonomistyring is working with our partner Bouvet on their development and implementation projects.


Key Takeaway:

  • Rolled out to 80,000 users in 4 months
  • No additional hardware needed
  • 50-80% faster data input time

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