DUCIT reaches mobility with Zebra Technologies & Neptune Software

DUCIT reaches mobility with Zebra Technologies & Neptune Software.

DUCIT, a stock conveyor company, faced 3 challenges: the creation of a company from scratch, the vertical integration to another business group and the transformation of the stock conveyor industry. It was clear they needed to create offline mobile apps fully integrated with Zebra devices and mainly with SAP, and they needed to choose their partners wisely.

As Nicolás Bongiovanni, COO at DUCIT S.A. said: “We needed world-classs partners, leaders in the industry that supported us.”

For those 3 challenges, DUCIT decided to work with Neptune Software DX Platform and Zebra Mobile Devices.

Marcelo Adrián Poullion, Information Systems Manager at DUCIT S.A. stated:

Neptune Software was the bridge that allowed SAP Fiori applications to reach mobility in an efficient way. On the other hand, Neptune Software and Zebra Technologies developed libraries that allowed us to own the control of the different mobile device peripherals from SAP, such as bar code readers or cameras, that bring a great value to our SAP applications.”

José Luis Latorre, Communication Manager in Argentina at Neptune Software added:

“We developed different appplications. The most important ones were the ones for the stock conveyor and for the truck driver, where we connected different technologies such as Google Maps. We also used technologies from Zebra such as bar code readers, RFID and digital signatures, that we use for data collect.”

About DUCIT S.A.

DUCIT focuses on transporting, processing, treasuring and depositing goods, in an agile and transparent way. They are always trying to re-evolve, strengthen the business with technology and promote relationships of trust. DUCIT dares to go further, and are mobilized by the challenge of innovating and transforming realities. DUCIT is part of the Gire Group. Thier mission: we not only manage value, we generate it.

About Zebra Technologies:

Zebra Technologies is a Global Strategic Partner from Neptune Software that builds tracking technology and solutions that generate actionable information and insight, giving companies unprecedented visibility into their businesses by giving physical things a digital voice.

Watch the video where James Morley Smith, EMEA CTO at Zebra talks about the new revolution in customer mobility and the workforce revolution that is happening because of it.

Other relevant topics:

digital vision
mobility software


  • Logistics and Supply Chain/Valuables Transport Company


  • Fernando Roma, CIO, DUCIT S.A.
  • Nicolás Bongiovanni, COO, DUCIT S.A.
  • Marcelo Adrián Poullion, Information Systems Manager, DUCIT S.A.
  • José Luis Latorre, Commercial Manager, Argentine and Uruguay, Neptune Software
  • Guido Kaleka, Sales Engineer, Boreal Technologies
  • Fabián Audisio, Regional Sales Director, Boreal Technologies
  • Martín Galeano, Channel Account Manager, Zebra Technologies

Key Takeaways:

  • Offline mobile applications completely integrated to Zebra devices and SAP
  • Used technology that enhanced effectiveness, boost and maximized operations
  • Use of barcode scanners, RFID readers, device cameras and more

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