Watches of Switzerland Group reduced pick errors by 92% with the implementation of PreBilt™
powered by Neptune DXP

The Watches of Switzerland Group saw a 92% drop in Pick errors, increased Putaway accuracy by 28%, and their Pick speed also increased by 25% with the implementation of PreBilt™, powered by Neptune DXP.

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Retail Customer Success Story with Neptune DXP



-Paper based processes negatively affected warehouse operational efficiency and productivity

-Lack of visibility over supply chain created issues with being able to service clients efficiently

-Mobile solutions needed to seamlessly integrate with SAP WM



-Out-of-the-box, highly configurable solution PreBilt™, powered by Neptune DXP

-Mobile solution allows users to carry out end-to-end supply chain activities

-Simplified lengthy SAP GUI transactions



-Pick errors reduced by 92%

-Putaway accuracy increased by 28%

-Pick speed increased by 25%

-Stock maintenance speed improved by 26%

Challenge: Old paper heavy processes caused lag time in receiving stock, lack of visibility across the supply chain, and error prone data input

WOSG operates a central warehouse and distribution facility, which serves all its UK stores, alongside direct e-commerce orders. As part of its continuous improvement program, the retailer identified that moving away from paper-based systems and digitizing some of its processes could deliver improved warehouse operational efficiency and productivity.

By removing the manual processes, WOSG was hoping to reduce the time lag in receiving stock to it being available in the system, improve location management and speed up picking and dispatching processes, all with a view to servicing client and store orders more efficiently.

Operating SAP WM within its distribution facility, WOSG considered several mobility products but found many to be a bolt on to SAP. Looking at our partner, The Config Team’s offering, the retailer explored PreBilt™, powered by Neptune DXP, and was impressed with the solution’s direct integration with SAP, which was a high priority in its selection criteria.

With its easy-to-use app designer and agile-based toolset, Neptune DXP makes it easy for our partners to develop out-of-the-box apps for their customers with scale and ease, delivering value quickly to the enterprise.

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Solution: PreBilt™, powered by Neptune DXP, an out-of-the-box solution brought the modernization needed for a successful digital future

The Config Team implemented PreBilt™, a highly customizable, out-of-the-box, mobile solution for the SAP supply chain, to manage stock movements within the group’s DC. Configuring the solution to meet the specific customer needs, PreBilt™ was deployed to manage a range of processes including goods receipt, physical inventory, stock inquiry and picking.

The new mobile solution allows users to carry out end-to-end supply chain activities from a mobile device, with the transactions directly updated in SAP in real time. A significant improvement has been seen in the goods in putaway process; previously stock would only be available in the system once the entire order had been receipted, which could take up to 24 hours. With operatives now able to confirm and verify the stock location in the system as it is put away, the stock is available in SAP immediately.

The new solution has also simplified some lengthy SAP GUI transactions, such as a bin-to-bin transfer, which can be inefficient to execute in SAP. PreBilt™ is a much more agile solution and enables operatives to execute the process, along with verifying the destination bin, quickly and easily on the spot, making the stock immediately available in the correct storage bin.

Due to the success of the implementation, the WOSG is now working with The Config Team on a further mobility project. This will see PreBilt™ implemented to mobilize the stock returns from the store, alongside e-commerce picking and packing processes, which involves the enhancement of PreBilt™ to cater to customer-specific packing requirements.

Results: The introduction of the new mobile solution has significantly streamlined the DC operation

With PreBilt™ up and running in the customer environment in less than eight weeks from the initial workshop, WOSG has been able to quickly reap the benefits and realize a return on investment.

The introduction of the new mobile solution has significantly streamlined the DC operation. Stock is put away quicker and with improved accuracy, allowing for a smoother picking process, ultimately leading to stock being delivered to clients and stores more quickly for an enhanced customer experience.

All DC operatives have engaged well with the new solution and found the user interface easy to use, removing the need to navigate the complex SAP GUI on desktop transactions. While the benefits are clear to see in the day-to-day operation of the warehouse, the tangible business savings that have been released, include:

  • Pick errors reduced by 92%
  • Putaway accuracy increased by 28%
  • Pick speed increased by 25%
  • Stock maintenance speed improved by 26%
  • Stock received from suppliers available to pick almost immediately

“The introduction of PreBilt™ has transformed our DC. The speed and accuracy of stock availability has been a huge win for us, we have visibility of stock as soon as it arrives and it is being processed for putaway with a much higher accuracy than before. We are also benefiting from significant improvements in the picking process, the entire operation is more streamlined and gives us much more accurate productivity stats so the DC can deliver on its KPI’s,” says Dave Scotcher, Head of Group Distribution and Site Operations at WOSG.

He continues, “Everyone at The Config Team has been fantastic, the knowledge and expertise of everyone is clear to see. The team quickly understood our requirements to recommend the apps that best suited our needs, ensuring we would see real improvements. We were regularly kept updated on the project, which was always on track, it was a very smooth implementation with no dramas. The Config Team was also happy to work very closely alongside our internal resource to ensure a two-way sharing of knowledge to get the best out of the project.”

Company Snapshot

The Watches of Switzerland Group (WOSG) is the UK’s largest luxury watch retailer, operating in both the UK and US, comprising five prestigious brands; Watches of Switzerland (UK and US), Mappin & Webb (UK), Goldsmiths (UK), Mayors (US) and Betteridge (US), with a complementary jewelry offering. The Watches of Switzerland Group has 171 stores across the UK and US including 51 dedicated mono-brand boutiques in partnership with Rolex, TAG Heuer, Breitling, OMEGA, Tudor, Audemars Piguet, Grand Seiko, Bvlgari and FOPE and has a leading presence in Heathrow Airport with representation in Terminals 2, 3, 4 and 5 as well as seven retail websites. The Watches of Switzerland Group is proud to be the UK’s largest retailer for Rolex, Cartier, OMEGA, TAG Heuer and Breitling watches.

Industry Focus: Retail
System Version: SAP WM
Timeline: Under 8 weeks
Devices: Tablet and Mobile

“The introduction of PreBilt™ has transformed our DC, with the speed and accuracy of stock availability a huge win for us.”

-Dave Scotcher, Head of Group Distribution and Site Operations at WOSG

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