Infraserv Hoechst realizes a future of “hands-free” work through voice controlled rugged glasses

Infraserv Höescht realizes a future of “hands-free” work through voice controlled rugged glasses.

Infraserv Höechst wanted to make the inspection process safer while saving time. Because of this, they needed a platform that would integrate wearables. After comparing available mobile technology, Infraserv Höechst picked Neptune DX Platform to realize their digital transformation strategy.  Moving beyond just using smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android, they furthered their enterprise mobility and business innovation to successfully implementing apps that now run on voice-controlled rugged glasses. This “hands-free” work within maintenance and logistics optimized their inspection process, improved safety and works offline!

Watch how in three months Infraserv Höechst built 25 different applications including the voice-controlled rugged glasses to help them achieve their digital transformation goals.

Presenting is Ralph Urban, Head of Competence Center Plant Maintenance at Infraserve Höechst and Frank Kuenzel, Developer for SAP and Mobile Solutions at Infraserve Höechst.

About Infraserv Höechst

Infraserv Höechst is one of Europe’s largest and most successful chemical and pharmaceutical sites. The site is a prime example for how infrastructure can be intelligently separated from a manufacturer’s core business and operated with a focus on adding value for the company by cutting costs and minimizing risks.

Infraserv Höechst has been working with our German speaking partner mindsquare on this project, but also for other implementation projects with our partner Fink IT Solutions.

Other relevant topics:

Plant Maintenance
mobile PM solution



  • Ralph Urban, Head of Competence Center, Plant Maintenance at Infraserv Hoechst
  • Frank Kuenzel, Developer for SAP and Mobile Solutions at Infraserv Hoechst

Key Takeaway:

  • Completion of App after 3 months
  • Hands-free work with voice-controlled rugged glasses
  • AR

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