Customer Success: Biotest – Empowering Medical Sales Reps with On-the-Go Solutions

Watch how fast you can develop a mobile sales app that can empower your end user on the go. Biotest is a specialist in innovative haematology, clinical immunology, and intensive care medicine. They were looking for a mobile sales app that would help medical sales reps with on-the-go resource solutions in SAP. Here, Matthias Koenig talks about the experience when implementing this new mobile solution and the path leading up to the implementation.


  • Biotest AG


  • Matthias Koenig, IT Consultant at Biotest AG

Key Takeaway:

  • Helping sales reps with on-the-go solutions
  • Time efficiency and productivity in the field

Topics Covered:

  • Medicine
  • Sales
  • Material Management
  • Mobile and Web Apps

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