Statkraft – A Mini ERP System in Your Pocket

Mobile ERP System

Statkraft streamlines processes and improves their bottom-line by creating a mobile ERP system that fits in their user’s pockets.

A mobile ERP system works wonder. Discover how you can transform your operations and improve your processes and bottom-line with proven Neptune Software Fiori apps for Plant Maintenance and EAM. 

Statkraft shows what a mini mobile ERP system in your pocket looks like. In addition, Ronny Olaisen talks about how Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy supports an advanced level of SAP functionality with a goal was to provide intuitive, easy-to-develop apps for any device. As a result, they demonstrate how they are now able to build all the apps they want for more than 600 employees in a matter of days.

Read their full case study here.

About Statkraft

Statkraft is a leading company in hydropower internationally and Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy. They produce hydropower, wind power, solar power, gas-fired power and supply district heating. Statkraft is a global company in energy market operations and has over 4,000 employees in 17 countries.

Other relevant topics:

Enterprise SAP Portal
Microsoft Azure



  • Ronny Olaisen, Senior Maintenance Specialist at Statkraft

Key Takeaway:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-develop apps
  • ERP System on the go

Topics Covered:

  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
  • Plant Maintenance (PM)
  • Mobility
  • Offline

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