Easier customer order fulfillment hinges on mobile scan-to-order app at Keller’s IJzerhandel 

Live in just two days, Neptune Software and Zebra handheld scanners put stock and pricing information for tools, hardware, hinges, and locks right at employees’ fingertips.

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Wholesale and Construction Customer Success Story with Neptune DXP



-Streamline the order selection process for more than 35,000 different inventory items

-Improve customer experience and save time

-Build a mobile-native sales app that is easy to develop, deploy, and use and works with existing SAP ERP system



-Leveraged Ferney Group purchasing association to select and deliver modern technology with ease and cost savings

-Deployed Neptune Software app and Zebra handheld scanners to help make order section easy

-Solution works in tandem with existing SAP ERP sales system, keeping inventory up to date



-Meeting customer demand helps the company stay competitive in a demanding market

-Simple mobile process speeds order completion, saving customers and employees time

-Fast development, deployment and delivery process makes it easy and fast to build new apps that enhance the user experience

Challenge: Automating processes to meet customer demand

Navigating the incredible change in the wholesale construction industry over the last 80 years has been a constant effort. But, for Rotterdam-based Keller’s IJzerhandel, continuing to provide the high-quality products and services it is known for — while adapting to the speed of doing business today — is one of the tougher challenges it has faced.

To stay competitive in a tight market and keep up with customer demand, the company, which manages more than 35,000 stock units — the tools, hardware, hinges, and locks that keep the construction industry moving — knew that automating key processes would be important. Overhauling the manual order fulfillment process for in-store customers was their first priority.

“Because we are a family-owned business, I have many tasks, including overseeing technology,” says third-generation owner, Ard Keller. “Our SAP server is hosted off-premises, we have a hardware partner for devices, and we look to bring in managed services where possible to help keep IT simple, secure, and efficient.”

While Keller’s IJzerhandel uses SAP ERP to provide core business functions, a review of SAP’s mobile offering, ITS, made it clear that the solution didn’t meet their needs for responsive design. Further, the company needed a solution that was both affordable and easy to develop, deploy, and use.

That’s when Dave van de Ven, Business Unit Manager at Aiden, suggested Neptune Software.

“Neptune Software wasn’t a hard sell,” says Dave, “Keller’s IJzerhandel was eager to move forward, in part because doing so was not a big investment for them.”

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Solution: Mobile order fulfillment app in just days to save time and effort

A mobile sales app that automated the selection and order fulfillment process combined with handheld scanners was a natural fit, as was Neptune Software’s low-code, SAP-centric, app development platform.

The ability to digitize and optimize business processes and user interfaces – at scale and with ease means that apps and users can be productive within days.

“We built the app in just one week, then completed testing and some rework,” says Dave. “Within one month, the scan-to-order app was in production at another facility.”

Keller’s IJzerhandel went live in just two days.

And when users requested changes after the app was live, they were pleasantly surprised at just how quickly requested changes could be made. Dave adds, “With Neptune DXP, the speed of development and making changes is a big advantage. And the offline capabilities always just work.”

Today, filling customer orders at the shop is easy. After a customer points out which products are needed, all that Keller’s IJzerhandel must do is go to the warehouse, collect and scan the products using their Zebra handheld device loaded with their customer Neptune DXP sales app, and quickly complete the order.

“Users are enthusiastic,” says Dave. “Today they have the available stock and pricing information right at their fingertips, all within a cost-effective solution that brings a good return on investment.”

Where previously, they manually marked the goods one by one, today all order information is collected in the app and communicated directly to the SAP system, ensuring inventory stays up to date.

“Using a modern mobile app has been very good for us,” says Ard. “Not only has it helped us reduce waiting time for our customers, but it has also made us realize we should include self-scanning capabilities for our regular customers. We’ve found that Neptune DXP provides possibility, more easily and quickly.”

Results: Having a simple process saves customer and employee time

“It’s now a simple process to scan products and have that information updated immediately in our SAP back-end sales system,” says Ard, “My 80-year-old father, who helped build this business all those years ago, finds it easy to use the handheld scanner and Neptune DXP app for inventory.”

That’s exactly what contemporary businesses like Keller’s IJzerhandel need to satisfy customers and keep up with the competition.

“Being able to deploy apps quickly within one organization is important in today’s market,” says Dave. “For Keller’s IJzerhandel and its purchasing association associates within Ferney Group, being able to leverage low-code, rapid development efforts across organizations is something that can really help businesses scale and grow to meet the times.”

“We continually look for ways to save time and improve the experience for our customers, and we’ve just started to think of all the possibilities for what we can do with Neptune Software,” says Ard. “If something saves time, we’re going to do it.”

Moving forward, the company plans to provide the order fulfillment app as a self-service offering for its customers. After their initial go live, they also added an app that automates their inventory counting process. Not only does this inventory app eliminate errors in updating SAP, it saves on average about half an hour of work during inventory jobs. Keller’s Ijzerhandel handles about 6 inventory jobs a week which saves over 18 days of work per year utilizing this application.

Company Snapshot

For more than 80 years, Keller’s IJzerhandel Rotterdam has supplied a wide range of premium hardware, tools, hinges and locks for the construction industry to customers spanning contractors, housing associations, maintenance companies, government institutions, and public organizations. The company also provides climbing safety materials, tests and repairs electronic tools, and provides value-added services for customers throughout the country. A flexible and reliable partner, Keller’s IJzerhandel provides a high degree of automation, and professional expertise, along with short lines and transport services to help meet the unique needs of construction clients throughout the Netherlands. Keller’s IJzerhandel is a member of the Ferney Group purchasing association. More info at: https://www.keller.nl/

Industry Focus: Construction
System Version: SAP ERP R3
Timeline: Up and running in 2 days
Devices: Zebra TC-20 and TC-25 mobile scanning devices using Android

“My 80-year-old father, who helped build this business all those years ago, finds it easy to use the handheld scanner and Neptune DXP app for inventory.”

-Ard Keller, Owner of Keller IJzerhandel

About Aiden

As one of the largest full-service one-stop shop SAP-provider of the Benelux, Aiden focuses on delivering a broad range of SAP products such as SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP S/4HANA and rapid application development. Aiden is active in several industries such as wholesale, retail, manufacturing industry, consumer products and professional services in both midmarket as well as international enterprise organizations. Besides an extensive knowledge and experience in the field of low code and SAP, Aiden focuses on the operationalization and adoption of innovative technology like ML, AI and IoT to ensure a future-proof IT landscape for its clients and partners. Aiden has over 300 specialists, in 9 offices in the Netherlands. Together with its clients, partners and colleagues, Aiden aims to Make Technology Human. More info at: https://www.aiden.eu/

About Neptune Software

Neptune Software is a rapid application development platform vendor with more than 660 enterprise customers and over 3.5 million licensed end users globally that empowers IT departments to deliver tangible business outcomes. Neptune Software offers with its Neptune DXP, a leading low-code, SAP-centric, enterprise app development platform to digitize and optimize business processes and user interfaces – at scale and with ease. Neptune DXP provides a fast and cost-effective way to industrialize the development of custom applications – saving companies time and money on development, integration, and operations


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