How Interzero empowered its ABAP team to digitize its supply chain with a mobile ERP solution

Interzero’s SAP Competence Center delivers fast, mobile ERP solution to delight customers and employees with SAP Mobile Apps for their ERP / ECC System

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Environmental Services Customer Success Story
with Neptune DXP



-Needed a cost effective way to make SAP apps more available

-Had zero mobile device strategy

-Wanted to use in-house ABAP knowledge to create apps with SAP UI5 capabilities



-Mobile supply chain apps that cover the entire logistics process

-Zebra TC8000 scanners

-Trained developers in three days and apps up and running in less than a month



-Reduced transaction time by from 1.5 minutes to 30 seconds

-Foundation to enhance their SAP solutions going forward

-Simplified logistics processes

Challenge: First foray into building SAP Mobile Apps from an older SAP ERP system

With a reputation for service excellence, sustainability pioneer Interzero continually seeks new ways to meet the needs of its customers and keep employees productive.

Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, Interzero does the important job of managing and recycling raw materials and developing innovative and sustainable waste management strategies, serving more than 10,000 customers across a range of industries.

In 2015, as it looked for cost-effective ways to make its SAP applications more readily available on mobile and easier to use overall,  Interzero found the development platform it needed in Neptune Software. After all, keeping users happy with tools that are a joy to use is important in today’s highly mobile world.

“We were starting from zero, with no mobile device strategy and looking to create something new with the SAPUI5 capabilities. All we had was our own ABAP development team,” said Mattias Hintze, Head of SAP Competence Center at Interzero. “Neptune DX Platform was really the only solution that could help us quickly and easily build SAP mobile apps based on SAP UI5 apps out of our old SAP ERP system.”

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Solution: Simplifying orders and logistics – fast, in only one month

“With our app blueprint already developed, we were not only able to train developers in just three days, but we were also able to complete the prototype of our web portal – with live, not test data – in less than a month. And we got extraordinary feedback from our client. They were incredibly happy to have access to up-to-date information on the status of their orders.”

For the START project [SAP Transformation for ALBA Recycling Telophase], the team developed a set of mobile supply chain apps to cover the logistics processes for the company.

With more than 1,500 employees across 8 countries and covering 31 countries throughout the world, the ability to coordinate the supply chain efficiently is ever important for Interzero.

These SAP mobile apps track the steps for raw materials and goods issues, as raw goods get recycled into new materials and are prepared for delivery. Finished products are placed on a ground scale, which feeds information automatically into the app powered by Neptune DXP. Once information is populated, the user scans the item using a Zebra TC8000 scanner, reviews the weight and material details, confirms the goods receipt and adds an automatically generated label to the materials.

“Our goal was to bring the functionality of our SAP systems, with its hundreds of thousands of available transactions, to an employee immediately, right in the logistics area,” added Hintze.

“Today, hundreds of automatic points are triggered just by the scanning trigger, which has greatly simplified the logistics process and saves a lot of time. Users are pleased with how easy it is to learn and use – just a couple of buttons, no more typing in a lot of text, and it’s available to them right where they are. They were particularly impressed that relatively no training was required.”

Results: Cost and time savings and a strong ABAP team that pave the way for future expansion

Moving from a traditional terminal setup to SAP mobile apps for the supply chain has greatly reduced transaction time for Interzero – from a minute and a half per transaction to just thirty seconds. With over 1,500 goods receipts processed per month, the ability to conduct transactions quickly [in under 30 seconds] represents a significant cost advantage for the company.

“It makes us happy to have Neptune as a resource to meet our client’s needs while also extending the life of our SAP system,” said Hintze. “Today we welcome conversations around digitalization because we have a tool where we can easily show live examples, production plans, and available out-of-the-box apps that will solve our challenges.”

Another positive? With Neptune’s easy-to-use app development platform, Interzero’s team of experienced ABAP developers have gained a valuable skill set, quickly becoming mobile app experts with the capabilities they need to provide convenient apps that make both, users and customers, happy. And having an SAP UI5 competence center gives them the foundation they need as they look to enhance their SAP solutions going forward.

As an example, bringing video capabilities to the scale app took the development team a mere three days to complete, to the delight of the logistics team.

The Interzero ABAP team is fully empowered to continue moving forward to expand the SAP capabilities available with the Neptune DXP. Next up, they’ll launch a feedback app for service orders, which they’re customizing from one of the hundreds of available templated apps in the Neptune toolbox.

Company Snapshot

Pioneers in sustainability: when it comes to closing the product, material or logistics loop, Interzero is one of the leading service providers on the market. They work with their customers throughout Europe to design intelligent, full-service solutions and products that focus on improving company sustainability performance – to benefit the environment, the economy and the society at large.

Industry Focus: Environmental Services
System Version: SAP ERP, ECC, Logistics, and SAP HCM
Number of Users: 300 Mobile and 400 Desktop Users
Timeline: Apps live within days
Function Scope: Mobile and Desktop, online and offline
Devices: iPhone SE, Zebra TC8000

“It makes us happy to have Neptune as a resource to meet our client’s needs while also extending the life of our SAP system. Today we welcome conversations around digitalization because we have a tool where we can easily show live examples, production plans, and available out-of-the-box apps that will solve our challenges.”

– Mattias Hintze, Head of SAP Competence Center at Interzero

About Neptune Software

Neptune Software is a rapid application development platform vendor with more than 660 enterprise customers and over 3.5 million licensed end users globally that empowers IT departments to deliver tangible business outcomes. Neptune Software offers with its Neptune DXP, a leading low-code, SAP-centric, enterprise app development platform to digitize and optimize business processes and user interfaces – at scale and with ease. Neptune DXP provides a fast and cost-effective way to industrialize the development of custom applications – saving companies time and money on development, integration, and operations


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