Innovative Enterprise Applications for Logistics with a Mobile ERP Solution

Interseroh unleashes the power of their ERP system with a new mobile ERP solution utilizing their existing IT knowledge in less than 6 months.

Interseroh wanted to take the power of their ERP system and turn it mobile. In this video, learn how they were able to design and develop innovative enterprise applications within logistics. They now have a mobile ERP solution for your hands that showcases their ‘START project’ — a mobile solution with scanners built for their ERP/ECC system. Watch how they came to innovative SAP applications for the recycling industry with the Neptune Software DX Platform. Their new mobile ERP solution has taken some of their processes from 10 steps down to 3, reduced training, and increased user adoption. They were able to utilize their existing development know-how and future proof their apps through central development. They now have full integration of SAP mobile apps for the production, presenting “location-based services” to reach the next digitalization level.

Presenting this session is Matthias Hintze, Head of SAP Competence Center at Interseroh.

About Interseroh

With a reputation for service excellence, sustainability pioneer Interseroh continually seeks new ways to meet the needs of its customers and keep employees productive. Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, Interseroh does the important job of managing and recycling raw materials and developing innovative and sustainable waste management strategies, serving more than 10,000 customers across a range of industries.

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  • Matthias Hintze, Head of SAP Competence Center at Interseroh

Key Takeaway:

  • Mobile ERP Solution
  • Project completion within 6 months
  • Future Proof through central development
  • Usability of existing development Know-How
  • 10 Process Steps minimized into 3

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