Johnson & Johnson Neptune DXP across entire IT landscape

Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson implement the Neptune DX Platform across their entire IT landscape.

Johnson and Johnson is a brand known worldwide. They decided the need to start their digital transformation was here. The goal would be to create a development platform that would support integration and application development across their entire IT estate. They wanted to find a solution that was future proof and would continue to support newer versions of SAP as they were introduced such as SAP S/4HANA. Because J&J are innovators, they wanted to pick a solution that also integrated emerging technologies like IoT as well. To top it off, this solution needed to work online and offline on desktop and mobile.

This is when they discovered the power of the Neptune DX Platform and knew it would be the perfect tool to accomplish their goals.

This on-going project has been rolled out to 130,000 users and works online and offline for desktop and mobile. They have replaced their Global ITS using Neptune Software for Warehouse Management. Because this solution is also available offline they were able to revamp their Plant Maintenance processes as well, introducing advanced tracing and tracking capabilities. Their solutions have been built around blockchain and IoT and they were able to create these apps utilizing their existing skillset and development resources.

About Johnson and Johnson

Johnson&Johnson Neptune SoftwareJohnson & Johnson is the largest and most broadly-based healthcare company in the world. The combination of new technologies and their expertise enables amazing things to happen. Teams from J&J’s consumer business are creating digital tools to help people track the health of their skin. Those working in medical devices are 3-D printing artificial joints personalized for each patient, while researchers in pharmaceuticals use AI to discover lifesaving drugs. Imagine what the rest of their team of 134,000 people at 260 companies in more than 60 countries across the world are accomplishing.

Watch their story from our Neptune IMPACT Festival and learn why they have decided to implement the Neptune DX Platform across their entire IT landscape.


Key Takeaway:

  • Blockchain and IoT solutions
  • Offline PM solutions
  • Updated Warehouse Management systems

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