Birkenstock boosts B2B customer service levels with mobile order processing app

To help sales reps provide efficient online and offline services to its B2B customers, German footwear manufacturer Birkenstock developed a mobile order processing application.

As the solution needed to be simple to use, market-ready in a short amount of time, and fully SAP-connected, Birkenstock developed the app with Neptune Software’s DX Platform (DXP).

“We want to make sure we’re prepared for the market. And to help our sales reps get the most from direct dialogue with our B2B clients, we needed a modern and professional order processing solution.” Kay Schmickler, Web Application Specialist, Birkenstock.

In this video, he looks at Birkenstock’s need for B2B sales support tools, his team’s development guidelines, the evolutions roadmap, and gives a hands-on demonstration of the application’s functionality.

See for yourself how Neptune DX Platform is streamlining development, deployment, integration, and maintenance for more than two million users.

With an unlimited trial, you get 2 free licenses for innovating on your systems.



  • Kay Schmickler, Web Applications Specialist at Birkenstock

Key Takeaway:

  • Supports online and/or offline order placing
  • SAP-connected for real-time customer and stock information
  • Development was quick with Neptune DXP and the SAP-native module
  • App is icon-driven, interactive, function-oriented, process-driven, and dynamic

Topics Covered:

  • Project challenges
  • Development guidelines
  • Evolutions roadmap
  • Options cloud
  • Hands-on demo of the app
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