Uno-X Chose PROTEUS – Security Solution from Basis Consulting

Neptune customer Uno-X interviewed by Svein Kolden, Basis Consulting.

On the first day in 2013 where the thermometer shows more than 20 degrees I meet Arne Reidar Holtvedt and Jens Haugland at Uno-X Skoyen. They are working as business delvelopers at Uno-X and have now been in production with SAP on mobile devices for six months. I have made ​​the trip to Skøyen to hear about the app and security solution they have chosen for the mobile devices that extract data from SAP.

Hi Arne Reidar and Jens. In what context did Uno-X need to transform SAP data to an app?

We had a need to deliver data from SAP to our sellers in a simple and safe way. In SAP we have all our important business data we sell to our customers. We deliver heating oil, kerosene and diesel to the Norwegian market, and these products are in constant movement when it comes to pricing. The app gives our sellers online information of the cost and profitability of these products. Online information is extremely important for our sales terms when it comes to decision on price, and therefore it becomes very sensitive information to us. It is in a way our trade secret. We cannot risk having a mobile device go astray. Security around the app was important to us when we took the decision to deliver data from SAP to mobile.

Tell us a little about the solution you developed.

The application is made ​​with Neptune Software. We use the security solution Proteus as a service (SAAS) from Basis Consulting. Neptune was chosen because it was easy to use and because they provide the customization option we needed. The consultants from Cross Application did a great job of completing the app in a very short time. Security around the app was also significant. With Proteus, we get a 2 factor login with SMS, and we are confident that no one can hack SAP access from outside.

What do the users think of the mobile solution for SAP that you have introduced?

It has certainly given value. It is used every day by our sales team and it has made data ​​available from SAP in a new way. The technical threshold for the app was easy from a user standpoint, and Proteus security solution is super simple. We got a “wow effect” from our sales team. “Wow, how did you manage this?” was one of the comments on the first sales meeting after the app was launched.

How does Uno-X manage handling of mobile devices?

We have standardized all devices on iPad and iPhone and we provide a common profile to the devices. Therefore it’s easy to use the device for our employees. The profile of the units has the Neptune app and Proteus as standard. It is easy for us to update and add new functionality to the profile that we can distribute to all the users in Uno-X

What is the experience after 6 months in production? Is there anything you would have done differently now that you see the results?

We nailed this project quite good. Our goal is to deliver value to the business, and here we made it spot on. We have actually closed down the IT department and now everybody works in the business development department. This app was not an IT project, but a project to further develop the business. It was important to focus on the user in this project. We had to deliver a product where the user did not lose confidence after first time use. We developed a solution that was quick and easy. It had to be safe, and we should have data that was important for our business. It is great that SAP is open, it was then possible to extract the data that was important for our needs. If we are to give a tip to others who are considering the same choice, I would recommend thinking simple. We had a discussion about offline access. We live in the year 2013 and we are online all the time. Wi-fi, 3G/4G is everywhere. If you are offline, it’s almost like you have put your device in flight mode or turned it off. Another tip is to not underestimate the need for adjustments after go-live. There is some follow-up work that testing does not capture. That was at least our experience.

What brings the future of Uno-X and mobility?

We see that we have a greater potential if we want to. In particular, we see the possibility of more external communication, such as allowing customers to order directly using the app. We can also easily take the app and make it a “desktop” in a browser. The security solution Proteus also means that we can deliver it remotely without worrying about the vulnerability of the app, SAP or devices that may go astray.

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