Customer story – “THE FIRST APP IN SAP”

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Topdanmark is Denmark’s second largest insurance company.

Topdanmark has focused on the obvious opportunities that lie in mobility. It creates not only access to data and computing power anywhere, but provides fast and flexible communication. 

Organisational pain point
Time-consuming and manual daily reporting of milage for the employees on the road at customer visits. 

Newly developed milages application to fully automate milage reporting with direct integration to SAP.

Key Benefits
Automation and optimization of processes
Released time for more value-added work

Reporting via smartphone
Around one in four people , each sixth -employment and half of all Danish farms are insured through Topdanmark. The company has 525 claims handlers, which annually handles about 290,000 reported damages. In addition, the insurance group receives over 1 million telephone inquiries from customers every year and qualifies approx. 90,000 cases.

The company’s approximately 400 insurance agents and surveyors had a strong desire to improve the way the reporting of travel to and from clients. They wanted a more automated , simple and time-saving process.

Previously, all milage were listed manually in a logbook , then all the data was uploaded in a number of spreadsheets. These were once a month passed on to the SAP system that handled all of the information and made the final payment. Since each insurer and surveyor makes several daily trips to and from customers, it gave a lot of manual records per day in their respective logs.

The whole process is no replaced by the introduction of Topdanmarks so-called ”mileage – app”, a fast, online method to report via smartphones, directly integrated with the SAP system.

Mobility creates measurable value
The ”milage app” are developed in close collaboration with EVRY . The technological choice fell on Neptune software because of the rapid deployment option in high quality, ease of maintenance and quick and intuitive training of internal resources. 

” We received an invitation to a ”mobility boot camp” at EVRY, where the purpose was to give the participants a hands-on perspective on the latest mobility technologies. I got the idea for the ”milage app” on this bootcamp and EVRY has subsequently been inspirational and precise in how mobility can create real and measurable value in a company”, says Didde Hedvig Altunöz. ”We received an offer on the development of a package for automated milage reporting in a joint project in which EVRY has been the performing expert”, explains Altunöz, Topdanmark.

“In practice this means that EVRY has been responsible for all design and overall dicussions while we with the onsite experience has guided on the actual solution. Generally, EVRY gave us a number of ideas as to how we will in the future be able to support our strategy and business with mobile solutions. We have been very satisfied with the cooperation. ”

Direct integration to SAP
“We have seen how it relatively quickly and easily feasible it is to execute the mobilization of a process that has a clear incentive to increased efficiency and optimazation of a work process in our organization – being economically efficient in both the short and long term”.Didde Hedvig Altunöz. Topdenmark.

Didde Hedvig Altunöz. Topdenmark.

“Our new milage app has given us an agile and flexible approach to the daily task which has saved many people a lot of time and manual focus. Now its a fully automated processes with direct integration with our SAP system”.  Didde Hedvig Altunöz. Topdenmark.