Expert AS introduces cutting edge technology from Neptune Software

Expert AS introduces cutting edge technology from Neptune Software to enhance their in-store retail operations.

Expert AS was looking for a mobility solution for offline inventory counting in their stores. The solution had to be integrated with their SAP retail system and supporting existing business processes. Expert AS is a Scandinavian consumer electronics trading company. The company has operations in Norway, Denmark, Finland , Sweden and Estonia. Expert AS is one of the largest companies in the Scandinavian market within their industry.

Neptune Software was chosen as product because the solution integrates directly with the set up and processes of Expert s SAP solution, ease of use (user friendly) and the possibility to work offline in stores with limited Wi-Fi connection.

Solution implemented

Expert AS has deployed an inventory application for their stores based on new HTML5 technology where local web database ensure critical offline capabilities. Together with EDB ErgoGroup and Neptune Software they have enhanced their rugged Motorola devices with the capabilities to download their product assortment locally. Perform their inventory count in offline mode and submitting the counting documents when connections to their SAP servers are present. A lot of effort has gone into making the application as user-friendly as possible.  Minimal navigation is required for scanning a product, entering the quantity and storing the count.

As the Neptune Application server resides on the ABAP stack of the ERP system the effort of reusing existing code and programs is minimal and the functional process remains identical even if the user experience and client capabilities are vastly improved.


Business outcome

The solutions enables Expert AS to perform inventory counts in stores offline and online directly integrated with their SAP solution. The ease of use user interface makes the process of inventory counts seamless and less time for training necessary for new employees. The solution runs today on 50 handheld devices in 38 stores in Sweden. The project was delivered on time and budget and Expert AS expects a quick return on investment through:

  • Easy and quick deployment
  • Offline capabilities for in store handheld devices
  • No work around in reporting stock into SAP
  • Lower training cost  – easy to use application for employees
  • Less time spent on stock counting

Next projects

  • Order inventory in store
  • Invoice workflow approval


“We where looking for a mobility solution for offline inventory counting in our stores. The solution had to be integrated with our SAP retail system and supporting existing business processes”.

Frode Næss Larsen, SAP Application Manager at Expert AS.


“A major advantage using Neptune Application Designer is the reuse of existing backend functionality as the software easily plugs into existing ABAP enhancements and customizing.”

Frode Næss Larsen, SAP Application Manager at Expert AS.

“Our architecture enables true separation between UI and business logic. Using Neptune Software you are now able to use a web designer for your frontend development and an ABAP programmer for the server side coding of your SAP applications.”

Njål Stabell, CTO at Neptune Software


About the Partner

EDB ErgoGroup Consulting has worked since 2000 on building its resources to become the leading Nordic consulting firm for SAP. Based on in-depth specialisation, we develop close relationships with our customers through a long-term involvement based on confidence and credibility. EDB ErgoGroup Consulting was the first – and is so far the only – Nordic SAP Partner.EDB ErgoGroup Consulting offers the services of over 350 SAP consultants in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, with extensive cross-border interaction. All our consultants have extensive experience of SAP built up over many years of specialisation. We are a professional partner with 100% focus on SAP, and we offer strong consulting support with everything from strategy issues through to specialist technical expertise, as well as operating services for your SAP systems. We have the technical and commercial capacity to safely deliver all types of SAP project.

We keep fully updated on developments in SAP, and are committed to continuously developing our SAP expertise. In parallel with this, we create our own solutions for tasks such as more effective implementation of SAP and ensuring that knowledge about the solutions used by a customer is properly disseminated throughout the customer’s organisation.


For more information contact:

Ole-Andre Haugen
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +47 908 46 995


Njål Stabell
Chief Technology Officer
Phone: +47 414 54 512