Fact Sheet — Comboios de Portual digitizes HR processes in 3 months

Comboios de Portugal creates new HR Portal for over 3,900 users in 3 months.

Comboios de Portugal needed to replace their legacy SAP HCM portal. They wanted to create a more agile application that ran on the appropriate equipment but still integrated into their SAP backend. They also wanted this integration to be an automatic transfer of data captured. They needed a fast delivery of sensible data with a user experience their team would love.

That is when they decided to work with Neptune Software to create a new HCM portal that would accomplish all of their goals and more.

In 3 short months, Comboios de Portugal created a new application that ran SAP HCM and Neptune Software based UI5 mobile applications. These applications are hybrid Fiori-apps for web and mobile and were rolled out to more than 3,900 users. Comboios de Portugal can now use their applications to generate payslips as PDF documents, enter and pull up employee personal data, and create performance evaluations more agilely. These applications integrate and execute on any web or mobile platform and the accuracy of information and speed of response has increased significantly. They also have a user experience their employees love and look forward to using day to day.

About Comboios de Portugal

Comboios de Portugal assumes the responsibility of contributing to the economic development and social cohesion of the country and its citizens, through its commercial activity. With around 126 million passengers transported per year, They are the largest land transport company operating in Portugal and are a public corporate entity 100% owned by the State.


Key Takeaway:

  • Replaced existing SAP HCM portal in 3 months
  • 3,900 Neptune Software users
  • Web and mobile Hybrid Fiori-Apps

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