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NAD 2.12 Released

MAJOR ENHANCEMENT Added export to windows 8. You need Visual Studio 2012 to create the apps. Automatic export from Neptune to Windows 8 JavaScript based apps. For SAPUI5 Desktop we added SAP Search Help – single select – into the ValueField object. Just enter the search help name (example MAT1) and you are done. Read […]

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Creating HTML5 Applications from scratch for ABAPers.

In this blog you will get a step by step guide showing how easy it is for ABAPers to create a HTML5 application with just a little bit knowledge of HTML5. Enjoy! Neptune Application Designer can be downloaded from this website:  

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SAP Certification Completed

Neptune Application Designer successfully passed SAP  ABAP Add-on certification! Neptune Application Designer has been certified for integration with SAP NetWeaver 7.x via the SAP integration scenario ABAP add-on for SAP NetWeaver. We are proud to have completed and passed the SAP Netweaver certification process and the Neptune Application Designer is now an official SAP certified […]

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