Fact Sheet — Bergendahls create self scan app in less then 2 months


Bergendahls saw 86% of stock and re-shelving orders being done via app in less than 2 months.

Bergendahls was on a mission to improve not only their customer experience but also their internal staff experience. They wanted to bring their stores into the 21st century with a new digital solution that would reduce operating costs, reduce the time of training for staff, and make staff tasks easier to complete in general. They also wanted to increase the quality of data that was flowing into their SAP system. On the customer side, they wanted to give customers more time at the shelves with direct in-app feedback and provide an overall better experience from shelf to checkout.

Bergendahls sought the help of our partner Stretch, and together decided the best way to improve the experience for staff and customers was to revamp their systems using Neptune Software.

In less than two months, the initial apps were released and Bergendahls saw that 86% of stock and re-shelving orders were being done via the app. The outcome provided mobile online and offline capabilities that allowed staff to move away from their desktop and emails. There was a reduction in admin and time waste, and the number of errors and time spent with customer service (on the supplier side) dropped drastically. They are now able to get a real-time overview of shelves, speeding up the shelf-stocking process. Their customers now enjoy an improved experience through a self-scanning app. Bergendahls accomplished improving the staff and customer experiences and are continuing to develop their solution with Stretch.

About Bergendahls

BergendahlsBergendahls is a long-term investor in entrepreneurially-oriented businesses and business areas in the retail sector. Their principal idea is to combine entrepreneurship with a business model based on clear rules of play in the form of values, management philosophy and corporate governance. Their ambition crystallises in the overall objective of keeping the firm 100% family-owned and to achieve business success in a very long-term perspective. Their mission: To brighten the consumer’s everyday lives.

Bergendahls works with our partner Stretch on their development and implementation projects.


Key Takeaway:

  • Duration of project less than 2 months
  • Reduction of errors in data
  • Improved customer experience

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