AppCache – Coming soon!

In the next support package Neptune will introduce a new feature called AppCache for the Mobile development of SAPUI5.

The AppCache will provide the following features and benefits for SAPUI5 Applications:

  • To install AppCache as an Mobile App.
  • No need to install the Neptune Applications that the AppCache points to.
  • No need to upgrade the Neptune Applications when a new release exists. AppCache will check the server for updates and automatically download the new Application and store it in cache. Next time the Application will run from the cache.
  • The possibility to run many (hundreds) of Neptune Applications from the AppCache, and not slowing down the Mobile App.
  • A better Logon process, wich includes Passcode solution for more easy logon to SAP.
  • Change User/Logout functionality.
  • Setup the AppCache as you would like it. Even the text can be customized.

More info will come…