APP in APP (AppCache) and Security

For a long time now there has been a race in the enterprise app market to publish as many apps to the market, in numbers, as possible. The result is a lot of small apps doing small business transactions or tasks. As an end-user the number of apps on your tablet and phone increases and it can become complex and unclear from an UX perspective in where, when and which app to use. Neptune addresses this in the next release and introduce a new functionality called ”AppCache” as part of the Neptune Platform. This is an ”APP in APP” concept and APP back-end control of the end user applications.

So what does this mean?

1. APP back-end control.
IT has full control of the end user applications installed from the back-end, automatic update and the possibility to publish new functionality and apps from the back-end (“on the fly”). The end user do not need to worry about updating the application on the device and will get access to the new apps without doing anything, the latest version of the app will always be active on the device.

2. APP in APP concept
IT controls one/ fewer applications and can update and install a new app or functionality from the back-end. The end user only needs to login to one app, easy accessibility to my enterprise apps and no worries about updating it.


“No more chaos”


, but rather one login.


Then access my enterprise apps.

2014-01-13 10.41.07       

Navigate between the apps.

bilde 2

Navigate inside the app.

bilde 5


And more….

The Neptune platform 2.20 will include:

  • The complete OpenUI5 library.
  • A user friendly solution for app security and authentication.
    An AES (Advanced Encryption Security) 256 passcode setting in the app makes it easy and secure for the end user to access the app. Below is a short description of how the process works from an end user perspective:

First time login with your SAP username and password.

bilde 6

After logon you are redirected to set a 4 digit passcode.

bilde 8

Then login with your new encrypted passcode.

bilde 9

And you access the app.

2014-01-13 10.41.07

Next time login, use your 4 digit code.

Feel free to test the process yourself through this link: