Fact Sheet — Anton Paar creates a mobile solution based on SAP CRM

Anton Paar

Anton Paar optimized its customer service processes by providing staff with a mobile solution based on SAP CRM.  

International specialist for measurement technology known for innovation Anton Paar, needed to improve their sales and customer service processes. The easy answer, have your CRM at your field staff’s fingertips. But it isn’t always that easy. Anton Paar wanted to find a solution that gave field staff comfortable access to their SAP CRM information for sales and service on mobile devices. They needed a solution that would save time during the sales and service process and they wanted it to not only provide CRM information at the click of a button but optimize the service process by providing relevant data at the point of use.

With the research done all internally, their IT team decided Neptune Software was the best choice for their needs. Not having to utilize an outside partner or consulting team this solution would not only create great outcomes but be the most cost-effective.

In 6 short months, Anton Paar had a mobile SAP CRM app for sales and service utilizing Neptune UI5. The apps allow field staff members to display the account and contact information that is relevant to them at that moment. They can look and see SAP CRM service orders and they can integrate their calendars to manage appointments on the fly. The app also provides map integration with navigation and search functionality that allows them to see customers nearby. The internal team accomplished what they had set out to do and now have a series of applications that are scalable and future-proof.

About Anton Paar

Anton PaarAnton Paar was founded in 1922 as a one-man locksmith‘s workshop, today they are a globally active high-tech company headquartered in Graz, Austria with 29 sales and service subsidiaries worldwide. They develop and produce high-precision laboratory instruments as well as process measurement technology and provides custom-tailored automation and robotics solutions. Anton Paar provides solutions to industries in over 110 countries. Customers include, among others, the world’s largest soft drink producers, all major breweries, Formula 1, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and food producers, including chocolate manufacturers.


Key Takeaway:

  • Mobile SAP CRM app
  • Integration of device-specific hardware
  • Easy navigation for customers

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