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Maximize the use of your existing SAP set-up, while minimizing the need for integration. This webinar gives you an introduction and demo of the possibilities with Neptune Software and the app templates for mobilising your business processes.

SAP Mobility – Fiori like app (SAPUI5) development with ABAP and Neptune Software:

  • Effective development directly in the ABAP Workbench.
  • No need for additional middleware or infrastructure.
  • Creation of a typical mobile app in just a few days.
  • Security through existing SAP system landscape.

This webinar will cover the concepts and a live demo on how to develop and run an app based on the SAPUI5 framework using Neptune Software.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Neptune Software and its key benefits
  • Demo of Neptune templates
  • Customer use cases
  • QANS-iPad

For all interested in SAP UI and experience for mobile, desktop and tablet.

All templates are based on fast and cost effective design with the SAPUI5 framework, ABAP and Neptune Software.

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Published: 19. May 2015 Categories: Events, News, Training

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