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SAP seminar at Wallmans

Neptune Software attended and contributed on a SAP seminar  in Norway arranged by SAP Partners Basis consulting and Skye. Neptune Software developed an app for the event with agenda, participants presentation (with contact details and pictures – all directly uploaded in SAP content server) and the mobile order application for the company Soapking. All running live on SAP ECC.

150 customers where attending the seminar.

For the main presentation Skye and Basis had set up a story about a Soap selling company called “Soapking”. Soapking experienced though competition from “Soap bubble” and needed to mobilize their sales people with Neptune Software and motivation through gamification.

Using the app, participants could also log in to  Soapkings sales app, as salespeople for Soapking. All running live on our SAP ECC server.

A competition was  set up during  the seminar where the participants where asked to enter as much sales orders through the app in one minute. The winning team would get a nice coffee machine.

210 sales orders where entered through our mobile solution in one minute, with no performance issues!

Coop won , with 36 orders.


Published: 24. February 2012 Category: News

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