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Global knowledge to provide you with a complete solution

Neptune Software provides the most cost efficient and secure way to make any SAP functionality seamlessly available in user friendly interfaces on Phone, Tablet and Desktop.

Bjørn Gabrielsen Bjørn
Gabrielsen Chief Executive Officer +4790990542 Europe
Ole-André Haugen Ole-André
Haugen Chief Technology Officer +4790846995 Europe
Njål Stabell Njål
Stabell Chief Information Officer +4741454512 North America
Andreas G. Sulejewski Andreas G.
Sulejewski Chief Operating Officer +4793804965 Europe
Frode Helland Frode
Helland Sales Director +4791884380 Europe
Philip Gundersen Philip
Gundersen Chief Marketing Officer +4746899683 Europe
Julián Bonillo Julián
Bonillo Senior Product Developer +4793284176 Europe
Elling Skjetlein Elling
Skjetlein Managing Director Services +4799492869 Europe
Helder Goncalves Helder
Goncalves Technology Director +4795977425 Europe
Jon Arne Skaarud Jon Arne
Skaarud Senior Consultant Services +4798228429 Europe
Klaus H. J. Garms Klaus H. J.
Garms Managing Director +494050039822 Germany (DACH)
Frank Hasemann Frank
Hasemann Partner Agent +4917613280897 Germany (DACH)
Holger Bartel Holger
Bartel Senior Account Executive +491629332083 Germany (DACH)
Christoph Garms Christoph
Garms Senior Consultant +491704611131 Germany (DACH)
Patrick Peper Patrick
Peper Partner Manager +491605224466 Germany (DACH)
Roman Dridger Roman
Dridger Sales and Marketing Coordinator +4917662036433 Germany (DACH)
Maximilian Schaufler Maximilian
Schaufler Managing Director Services +436769387361 Germany (DACH)
Wolfgang Rabenstein Wolfgang
Rabenstein Senior Consultant Services Germany (DACH)
Martin H. Beringer Martin H.
Beringer Chief Executive Officer +17722618548 North America
Steve Hoffman Steve
Hoffman Executive Vice President of Channel +17722618548 North America
Phil Wildstein Phil
Wildstein Business Development Manager +17722618548 North America
Sudesh Gandham Sudesh
Gandham Customer Service Manager +17722618548 North America
AJ Van De Voort AJ
Van De Voort Advisor to the Board +17722618548 North America
Harvey Zhizhong Chen Harvey
Zhizhong Chen Managing Director Asia