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Global knowledge to provide you with a complete solution

Neptune Software provides the most cost efficient and secure way to make any SAP functionality seamlessly available in user friendly interfaces on Phone, Tablet and Desktop.

Ole-André Haugen Ole-André
Haugen Chief Technology Officer +4790846995 Europe
Njål Stabell Njål
Stabell Chief Information Officer +4741454512 North America
Andreas G. Sulejewski Andreas G.
Sulejewski Chief Operating Officer +4793804965 Europe
Frode Helland Frode
Helland Sales Director +4791884380 Europe
Philip Gundersen Philip
Gundersen Chief Marketing Officer +4746899683 Europe
Julián Bonillo Julián
Bonillo Senior Product Developer +4793284176 Europe
Elling Skjetlein Elling
Skjetlein Managing Director Services +4799492869 Europe
Helder Goncalves Helder
Goncalves Technology Director +4795977425 Europe
Jon Arne Skaarud Jon Arne
Skaarud Senior Consultant Services +4798228429 Europe
Klaus H. J. Garms Klaus H. J.
Garms Managing Director +494050039822 Germany (DACH)
Patrick Peper Patrick
Peper Partner Manager +491605224466 Germany (DACH)
Christoph Garms Christoph
Garms Senior Consultant +491704611131 Germany (DACH)
Holger Bartel Holger
Bartel Senior Account Executive +491629332083 Germany (DACH)
Frank Hasemann Frank
Hasemann Partner Agent +4917613280897 Germany (DACH)
Maximilian Schaufler Maximilian
Schaufler Managing Director Services +436769387361 Germany (DACH)
Wolfgang Rabenstein Wolfgang
Rabenstein Senior Consultant Services Germany (DACH)
Martin H. Beringer Martin H.
Beringer Chief Executive Officer +17722618548 North America
Steve Hoffman Steve
Hoffman Executive Vice President of Channel +17722618548 North America
Phil Wildstein Phil
Wildstein Business Development Manager +17722618548 North America
Sudesh Gandham Sudesh
Gandham Customer Service Manager +17722618548 North America
AJ Van De Voort AJ
Van De Voort Advisor to the Board +17722618548 North America
Harvey Zhizhong Chen Harvey
Zhizhong Chen Managing Director Asia